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Therapy with a psychotherapist or psychologist is an investment in yourself, your relationships, and your quality of life. Therapy can assist you in taking responsibility for your own existence, transitioning from dependence to self-support, and becoming more balanced through complete openness to your bodily signals, thoughts, and emotions. As a result, energy is released, spontaneity and creativity are fostered.

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Psychotherapy is a process where you work on creating awareness and self-acceptance. I support you in recognizing your reality as it is right now, taking responsibility for your own existence, and becoming more whole through complete openness to emotions, sensations, and thoughts so that you can truly be present in your life with the possibilities it offers.

The intention is to discover “who you am” – how you act and what consequences it has – for yourself and for others – and to achieve a natural “flow” between emotions, sensations, and intellect – in order to be in full contact with yourself and with others.

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About me

I am certified Gestalt Therapist from KGI – Copenhagen Gestalt Institute, where I completed a four-year program consisting of 800 lessons and 80 hours of personal therapy and supervision.

For the past several years, I have been working with individuals, teaching, and personal development. Today, I work full-time as a private practice psychotherapist, coach, and consultant.

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Psychotherapist Inge Tylvad Andersen MPF


If you have emerged from your childhood with low self-esteem - it can be changed!..


Do you find it challenging to function in relationships and do you easily become quite insecure?


Do you believe that it is impossible to get rid of your anxiety? It is not!


Are you diagnosed with ADHD or do you suspect that you have it?

My clients says

Together with Inge, I have started to open up for the difficult thoughts I have about myself, which I have always felt ashamed of. I am learning how to be 'kind to myself', as Inge says. I believe my self-esteem has improved.
Trine 21, Sønderborg
Inge Tylvad has the calmness, overview, and understanding that are necessary for a successful process. She engages with employees and leaders as equals and quickly uncovers strengths and weaknesses. As a coach, she excels in motivating the client to identify potential solutions themselves. This approach is forward-thinking and sustainable.
Kristian Pallesen, Leader.
I started seeing Inge because I often felt sad and frustrated. Inge is an amazing conversation partner for me. I am discovering more and more about who I am, what I want, and what I don't want. I am not as easily irritated anymore, and I am getting along better with the people around me. I am looking forward to more great conversations
Anna 43, Augustenborg